Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Surefire Confidence Boosters

Surefire confidence boosters 
Men tend to have a natural ego which makes them focus on their attributes, such as height or sporting ability. Women do the opposite, focusing on real or imagined flaws, often to do with appearance and relationships. The solution? Learn to love yourself:
1. Throw a love-in
Invite the girls around, and then play this game. Everyone sits in a circle; you turn to the person next to you and tell them one quality that you especially value in them. They then turn to the next person and pay them a compliment, and so on. Everyone will go home with a spring in their step.
2. Play “New or good”
Keep a journal and write down one new or good thing that you did or said each day that nurtured your confidence. It might be something small, like choosing not to spend time with a negative co-worker, or big, like joining a choir. The important thing is to do it regularly: that way, you retrain your brain to shift focus onto what is going well in your life.
3. Treat yourself
Confidence is linked to what we believe about ourselves. Most of the time, we are too critical. Notice how you present yourself. Replace shabby clothes with something fresh, invest in a great hair cut, and get your nails done. When you treat yourself with respect, others will, too.
4. Build your brand
Dr Lois Frankel, author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office, says women limit themselves by accepting other people’s expectations of who they are. You have probably buried ‘advice’ from your parents, an old teacher, or ex-partner so thoroughly that you don’t even notice you are still acting on it. The first step to changing this is simply to observe your reactions – Where on earth did that idea come from? Dig deep, find the culprit – and put it behind you.
5. Accept compliments
“A woman will often respond to a compliment with something like, ‘Oh, it was nothing’, or ‘So-and-so did the hard work’,” says Kate Sanner, psychotherapist and CEO of Vivacity Coaching. Simply say “Thank you” – and reflect on how good it feels to feed positive reinforcement into your life.
6. Don’t compare yourself to others
When you do, you hand your power over to that person, which does nothing for your confidence.

Source : Nature and Health



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