Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Make Up Your Mind

Make up your mind
Do you dither over every decision? You’re not alone: studies show more 30 percent of us do. Want to start making great decisions? Read on!
1. Breathe
Slow, deep breathing brings oxygen to the brain, supporting your cognitive processing ability so you can think rationally. It also buys you time – if you can reflect on something for even two minutes, your judgement will be sounder.
2. Say what you don’t want
This can help you navigate a maze of choices. With fewer options on the table, the right path is easier to find.
3. Decide during the day
According to a study in the Journal of General Psychology, people who make decisions after 5 p.m. are more likely to get muddled than those who do so before midday.
4. Put a lid on it
Write a list of the issues you need to act on, and then commit to making only a certain number of decisions that day – say, six. A study in the Journal of Personal and Social Psychology says decision-making is a high-stress activity; limiting how many you make helps you avoid fatigue.
5. Set a time limit
According to research published in Psychological Science, we make better decisions when time is short. The researchers suggest this is because humans think in abstract, emotive terms when making decisions about events far in the future, and in concrete, factual terms when thinking about imminent events. Factual thinking gives you a clearer perspective.
6. Go with your gut
Imagine that you’ve already made a choice, one way or the other. How does that make you feel? Does your heart sink or soar? If you feel positive, it’s the right decision; if not, see how your body responds to the alternative.

Source : Nature and  Health


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