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Healing Hands

Healing hands
Meliae Intuitive Healing empowers people to let go of past hurts and be the change they want to see in their lives.
As a child, Karina Godwin could ‘see’ things others couldn’t, and had an intuitive understanding of the workings of the human body that far belied her young age. The psychic child became a nurse. “It was clear that something unusual happened with my touch,” she says. “I could settle the most difficult baby, ease pain and stop nausea just by touching people. When someone was terminally ill, I knew how to make them feel peaceful about their passing, and I was honoured to help.” Godwin’s insights often had startling impact. “I once said to the family of a dying lady, ‘Tell her who is going to look after her dog.’ She passed three breaths later, and her daughter was confused no one had mentioned the dog to me.”

Second sight

Godwin felt conflicted about what she felt was a lack of respect for alternative therapies. “I could see a tumour, obstruction, or inflammation, which would be later diagnosed and confirmed; I was seeing another level of illness. My job was administer medicine, yet my hands would burn, yearning to take patients’ pain away. It was a choice between nursing and healing: healing won.”
Godwin created Flying Souls (, an ‘institute of healing’. At the heart of Flying Souls is Meliae Intuitive Healing, an energy healing modality. “Unaddressed energy blockages will ultimately interrupt the person’s health,” she explains. “Think of a house of cards: if one card is removed, the house collapses. Meliae is like that. If you identify and heal the causative issue blocking the energy, everything that is affected by that issue will also, over time, collapse, creating the ability to change and transform into health. Meliae healers use their intuitive ability to perceive and release blocks in the energy system caused by unresolved emotional issues.”

The power within

Like reiki, Meliae healers use light touch or ‘movement through the aura’ to release blockages. Some also use essential oils or crystals or communicate with guides and angels to support healing. It can be useful in releasing chronic pain, stress, allergies, and emotional and relationship issues.” For a specific issue, Godwin recommends one to six sessions. As part of an ongoing health regime, a session every month or two is beneficial. “Meliae healers recognise how best to support you in the release of energy,” she says. “You’ll be given tools which empower you to let go of what is interfering in your life, and achieve the happiness you deserve.”
Meliae Intuitive Healing is accredited by the International Institute for Complementary Therapies (IICT), but skepticism around energy healing techniques remains. Godwin says, “It’s not necessary to understand or even believe in the process to benefit. I have healed some fabulous skeptics, who have had profound experiences. If you are willing to release it, healing will occur.”

Good riddance to bad rubbish

Given its propensity for dredging up long-buried emotional wounds, Meliae can be a confronting experience, but Godwin says the benefits far outweigh any discomfort. “Meliae encourages us to own and acknowledge choices we make or have made, which aren’t in our best interests right now,” she says. “Given the choice, most clients choose to release anything upsetting their health or happiness for the opportunity of something better. The results speak for themselves.”

“Meliae cured my fear of flying!”

I had an eye-opening experience with Meliae Intuitive Healing. I’m very open-minded when it comes to esoteric and complementary therapies – I’ve seen psychics and have monthly reflexology – so I was looking forward to my session with Karina Godwin.
Karina is a hugger: she greeted me with a warm embrace and I felt instantly at ease. She gently placed her hands on my abdomen, and within minutes, was able to tell me that the cause of some present emotional difficulties was something that happened to me at the age of 13 years, four months and three days. I burst into tears; she had pinpointed a major upheaval to the exact day!
She went on to correctly identify physical ailments, making small circular gestures that she said would draw out the energy blockages that caused them. She even said my severe fear of flying would be relieved after our session. Afterwards, I felt lighter and more aware of my thoughts and feelings. And when I found my plane rocked by turbulence a couple of weeks later, I was amazed to find I felt absolutely calm.

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