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Christopher Paolini : Author of Inheritance Trilogy Books

Christopher Paolini

American novelist Christopher Paolini was born on the 17th November 1983 in Southern California. Famous for his Inheritance cycle series of novels which contains Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr released in chronological order. The fourth untitled book is expected soon.
Christopher was raised in Paradise Valley, Montana. His family consists of father mother and a sister by the namesKenneth Paolini, Talita Hodgkinson and Angela Paolini respectively. The home educated novelist graduated from high school through accredited correspondence courses conducted by Illinois based American School of Correspondence at the age of 15. A gifted writer, Christopher completed hi debut novel sitting besides his parent’s bed along with his family dog. The resultant book was Eragon first published in 2002 by Paolini International LLC a family owned book publishing company.
In order to create awareness about his book, the young novelist toured more than 135 school dressed like a medieval character. The cover page of Eragon was designed by the author himself depicting Saphira's eye , as well as this the credit of drawing the maps in his book also goes to the author himself. During his tourChristopher extensively discussed writing and reading with students, teachers and librarians alike. 
Eragon and Christopher Paolini struck fame when the publishing rights of the Inheritance cycle were purchased by publisher Alfred A. Knopf after recommendation from the stepson of the great author Carl Hiaasen who stumbled upon Eragon in a bookstore. Knof published the second edition of Eragon in the month of August 2003. The wide circulation of the new publisher gave great exposure to the author as well as his book. With increased exposure Eragon sales numbers started moving upwards day after day making Christopher Paolini aNew York Times bestselling author. The book Eragon in also being adapted into a film by the same name.
The next novel in the intended trilogy after Eragon was published on the 23rd August 2005 titled Eldest, followed by Brisingr published on the 20th September 2008. It has been learned that a fourth book of theInheritance Cycle is in gestation and expected anytime towards the first quarter of 2009. Christopher Paolini’s inspirations have been authors J.R.R. Tolkien and E. R. Eddison and the book of epic poems titled Beowulf. However Christopher Paolini acknowledges that this first novel Eragon was inspired by the work of Bruce Coville.
Some of Christopher Paolini’s favorite authors are Garth Nix, Philip Pullman, and Jane Yolen. The young novelist also acknowledges a list of writers who have influenced his approach towards novel writing these are authorsDavid Eddings, Brian Jacques, Raymond E. Feist, Mervyn Peake, Frank Herbert and Ursula K. Le Guin. Besides human beings and their literary work Christopher is greatly influenced by nature and his surroundings, in aninterview he admitted the fact that the surroundings at Paradise Valley, Montana have been a great source of inspiration for him.



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