Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blogging : Rule No. 1 ~

Blogging : 
Rule No. 1 : We must responsible to what ever that we post.
-We must not simply post, expecially if it is  about someone else bad manners or attitude.
For example, this person shows bad manners or attitude during working. Then, he get caught. After that, someone had post his pictures or videos. Then, write something about it and all people throughout the world can see it.
What is the point in the first place that make us post his pictures or videos? If we have to post it, make sure we come out with solution. All right, he has bad manners or attitude.What we can do to help him overcome his problem? Write it down together with the picture or video. So that he can read. At least, he knows somebody care about him and this will give him motivation to change his bad manners or attitude. Otherwise, it called condemning. So, we must think again what our purpose, to give him a lesson or just to make laugh at him. Yes, everybody is laughing,but we think at the same time.Then, we help him. I like to watch American Comedy. Laugh and think at the same time. Use that kind of method. Happy blogging :) 



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