Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just one love~

Should have run away.I don’t think I should have seen you.Should have pretended not to hear.Like it wouldn’t be heard.I shouldn’t have listened to your love.Without belief I’m waiting for love.Without a word, parting has come to me.Not prepared to let you go.My heart must have been surprised.Without a word, you left.This couldn’t be love.Push you one step away.Each time you grow in my heart.Must be waiting for you this much.Even though i can fool my head.I can’t seem to fool my heart.I think there must be just one love.I don't think my heart will change.The love that I’ve kept only for you.I can now finally tell you.Your warm gaze, your warm love.Each time it slips away,you grow in my heart.You must have loved me.You must have waited for me.Even though it hurts so much.Your heart can’t seem to let me go. I think there must be just one love. I don't think my heart will change.~


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