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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Confucius - Biography


Confucius - Biography
Confucius, or as literally translated, Master Kong (K'ung-fu-tzu or Kongfuzi), lived and worked during what is known as the Chinese Spring and Autumn Period (770-481 BCE), and is by tradition said to have been born on the 28th of September in 551 BCE in the state of Lu located on the Shandong peninsula in northeastern China and died in 479 BCE. It is said, “by tradition” because it is difficult to distinguish much of Confucius’ life between the factual and the legendary. Confucius was an infamous Chinese thinker and educator, comparable to Socrates in the West, who developed a social and political philosophy that is often considered to be the foundation of subsequent Chinese thought. He was the founder of the Ru School of Chinese thought and the philosophical school of thought that has come to bear his name, Confucianism, comes from his tradition and the fragments that were recorded in the text called Analects (Lunyu). One of his most renowned concepts is summed up in the often translated and transmitted phrase:
Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself
As mentioned, it is difficult to trace the historical Confucius as his myth and legend have far surpassed the mere factual coordinates of his life. One legend has it that Confucius was born in answer to his parents prayers they made at a sacred hill (qui) called Ni and hence his names attest as such: Kong equates to the thanking of prayers answered, his forbidden name was Qui and his public name was Zhongni. Fact or fiction, the majority of what we know about Confucius comes from the Analects and other transcriptions and records of his thoughts and goings-on that were mostly transcribed during the Warring States Period (403-221 BCE) in which there was an ongoing struggle among the small states in China to regain the primacy and power of the Zhou. As well, the well-known text, Records of the Grand Historian (Shiji), written by Sima Qian (145-c.85 BCE), who was court historian to the Han dynasty, includes many accounts of the life and teachings of Confucius. The latter identifies Confucius as a descendent of the Royal State of Song yet grew up in the small state of Lu due to his grandfather’s having to flee the turmoil that besieged that of the state of Song. His life in Lu was said to have begun in poverty as accounts have stated that his father died when he was just three and he was raised by his mother in which he soon had to take various odd jobs once he came of age. He apparently wed a young girl named, Qi Guan, who bore him a son, Kong Li.
His educational background is unclear except that tradition claims him to have studied with Lao Dan, the Daoist Master, as well as with Chang Hong and Xiang in music and lute respectively. What is clear is that education or study was extremely important to Confucius in which one must be dependent and independent; he is recorded in the Analects as saying: “He who learns but does not think is lost. He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.” The Analects, recorded during the Warring States era, are said to reveal the dialogues between Confucius and his pupils in which he transmits, and perhaps expands, on the ideas, or the way (Dao) of the ancient Zhou. He was known to say that he was a transmitter and not a maker, and he had a passion for the wisdom of the Zhou sages upon which his teachings were based, or transmitted from. It is worth noting that it was in the fall of the Zhou Empire that the various small states began to vie for power and such a unified loss was a probable influence on Confucius.
Confucius gathered a following or a group of disciples, the number of which has been overly exaggerated according to scholars. There are claims that he had as many as three thousand, though more accurate accounts put that number at seventy-two (though this number is also suspicious as it is a magic number and purportedly the age of his death). Regardless, Confucius was open to teaching all, no matter their class, through his interpretation of his study and centered that espousal on the edifice of learning as well. His method was never to teach in a preacher-like manner, but rather in a motivational one (so-to-speak), such that the pupil must answer for himself: “I only instruct the eager and enlighten the fervent. If I hold up one corner and a student cannot come back to me with the other three, I do not go on with the lesson.”
His teachings, as did his own learning, emphasized morality, government, speech and language and the arts. As well he focused on what was referred to as the Six Arts: archery, calligraphy, chariot, computation, music and ritual. Of the various subjects though, it was morality that was considered of utmost importance above all else. Through a proper understanding and practice of morality all else could be derived, harmonized and rectified. This is revealed in a famous lesson in which a student asks if there is one word that could guide a person through life, the master’s answer is “reciprocity” (shu), and the ‘answer’ is a suggestion, followed by the exemplifying phrase, “never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself.” A moral education, ideally, provides one with the building blocks for self-cultivation, harmony and ethical action, which can maintain and restore value and meaning for society (something which he considered lost in the loss of the Zhou reign). And for Confucius, it was in the Book of Songs, through its poetry, where one could find the epitome of such imperative study in morality.
The aesthetic is very much an important element in the philosophy of Confucius. The aesthetic is beautiful and good and as poetry can yield such manner so should man’s comportment. What by some interpretations may seem as mere etiquette is much more deeply an issue of aesthetic gratitude and respect. It is one of the key elements to his idea of a harmonious order. Such an order included a special relationship to and serving of the spirits. He maintained that he had a special relationship to Tian, the Zhou deity referring to sky or heaven. He acknowledged its changing status and relationship over time, pre-dating the Zhou, and acknowledged the ‘existential’ dilemma in such change, yet maintained a balanced interpretation in which man is subject to the parameters set forth by the Tian though is a free agent within those parameters and responsible for his actions. Therefore, there is an aesthetic, moral and social co-mingling order that ensures the highest order of harmony, which can be effected through li (ritual propriety). One must learn and perform properly and at the proper time for the greater good.
Through li one can cultivate and master the idea of ren (compassion, or the loving of others), a core component of his thinking. Together this involves deprecating oneself as opposed to being artificial in making the appearance of a better impression: to be true and sincere to oneself is to take care of the other as well; to master self-discipline not as a form or self-repression but as a way to accommodate both the self and the other. Such is enacted in the performance of li, and not as mere obligation, but precisely as sincere devotion: “look at nothing in defiance of ritual, listen to nothing in defiance of ritual, speak of nothing in defiance or ritual, never stir hand or foot in defiance of ritual.”
The importance of such comportment is as well, and clearly as could be no other way, integral to the operations of political life. While he deemed that the elders and the learned are to be respected and honored, that in fact the best practice of ren is through the devotion and respect of one’s elders, he was keen to make aware that such filial propriety is not to be abused. There is no ruler who is essentially “better” than a peasant, and the former should never take for granted the latter. As is true for the social is true for governance—self-discipline through compassion and the love of others.
One who rules by moral force may be compared to the North Star – it occupies its place and all the stars pay homage to it.
As well, the system of governance should follow a hierarchy, as does the notion of li in a familial setting such that a legitimate and honorable hierarchy is established and respected as it (when it) collectively adheres to the harmonic order of li and ren. This theory takes on the name of zhengming, in which the principle forms of government have their appropriate names and corresponding behaviors. “Good government consists in the ruler being a ruler, the minister being a minister, the father being a father, and the son being a son.” This notion of adjudication is considered essential, as the devolution of governance is believed by Confucius to take place in the devolution of one’s place and the attributes and performance of one’s position.
Proper, ideal governance is, above all else, dependent upon de, or virtue. It is a moral force that incorporates the performance of li and the presence of ren. The ceremonial, in this context, is far from pomp and circumstance, but rather a sincere activation of virtue, which has the effect of performing governance. Confucius spoke of such in defiance of acts of aggressive force or imposition of law and law enforcement, which would be antithetical to the force of morality. As he states: “If the people be led by laws, and uniformity among them be sought by punishments, they will try to escape punishment and have no sense of shame. If they are led by virtue, and uniformity sought among them through the practice of ritual propriety, they will possess a sense of shame and come to you of their own accord.” Virtue, metaphorically, leads on its own accord.
Confucius, himself, did not become officially involved in politics until the age of fifty. Under Duke Ding of the state of Lu, Confucius was first appointed Minister of Public Works, which was then followed by the position as Minister of Crime. Apparently, he was forced to leave his position in the ministry of the Duke due to conflicting desires of the nobility of Lu or perhaps the Duke himself—the exact reasons are not clear. He did take leave, or some have said in exile, and traveled with some of his disciples through the other neighboring states of Cai, Chen, Chu, Song and Wei. He apparently sought positions in the ministries of these states yet was unsuccessful. In 484 BCE he returned to his home state of Lu and devoted the rest of his life to teaching.
The Analects give us most of what we know about Confucius and while Confucius claimed to be a mere transmitter, scholars agree that he in fact did much more than transmit and in fact it is his interpretations, expansions and departures that honored him with such a lasting reputation. His teachings were evolutionary, radical and enlightening. His legacy has had long lasting and far-reaching impact in both the eastern and western traditions. He is an amazing figure in history and in legend as the two can never be separated and it speaks to his almost magical presence in the history of Chinese thought. His age of death, seventy-two, was itself a magic number and again leaves open the uncertainty of what is true and what is retrospective mythologizing. It has been convened that the thinker was under recognized in his time yet his legend, and more importantly his teachings, lived on. At the end of the 4th century, Mencius was to say of Confucius, “ever since man came into this world, there has never been one greater than Confucius.”
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Antara Guru Dan Murid

Antara Guru Dan Murid

Saya tidak akan menganggap murid saya sebagai kawan walaupun saya mengambil berat terhadap pelajaran mereka.Mereka hanya murid saya dan lebih lebih baik kekal begitu untuk selamanya demi menjaga keterbatasan.Dengan itu, mereka akan lebih menghormati kita sebagai guru. Rasanya tidak perlu untuk kita berkongsi nombor telefon terutamanya aplikasi WhatsApp atau WeChat dengan pelajar.Cukup sekadar perbincangan rasmi di sekolah.Ini pandangan peribadi saya.

Foto : Sekadar gambar hiasan

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ketukan Hati Elizabeth Tan

Elizabeth Tan

Biodata Profil Elizabeth Tan 

Nama Penuh : Elizabeth Tan Su Mei
Nama komersial: Elizabeth Tan
Tarikh Lahir: 18 November 1993
Tempat Lahir : Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur
Syarikat Naungan : Faithful Music Malaysia
Kemahiran: Bermain ukelele
Bangsa: Cina
Agama: Kristian
Kerjaya: Penyanyi, model dan pelakon
Adik-beradik: Anak bongsu dari 3 beradik
Pendidikan: Pernah belajar di Dallas, USA selama 2 tahun
Binatang kesukaan: Kucing
Artis Kesukaan: John Mayer, Michael Buble, Bon Iver, Ray LaMontagne, Jose Rodriguez, Ben Howard, Norah Jones, Zee Avi, Yuna 

Lagu hits: Knock! Knock!
Filem: Usop Wilcha: Menghonjang Makhluk Makhluk Muzium

Media Sosial

Trivia Elizabeth Tan
Pernah merakamkan album kanak-kanak ketika berumur 4 tahun

Membesar dengan nyanyian di gereja dan seisi keluarga suka menyanyi

Terkenal sebagai artis Youtube menyanyikan lagu Havoc!

Mempunyai seorang kakak dan seorang abang

Duta kepada produk MagicRED iaitu produk penjagaan wajah keluaran Zarra Sinar Puteri

Knock Knock (Elizabeth Tan)

Bulan bintang kau janjikan
Tidak aku teruja
Cakap memang mudah
Semuanya mampu

Kata manis kau beri
Kuterpikat belum tentu
Cakap memang murah
Oh! Kau pun tahu

Kiranya kau benar mahu
Kiranya kau benar mahuku
One two sayang kamu
Jangan sakiti aku

Knock Knock. Mahuku perhatian
Talk Talk. Mahuku kau buktikan
Jangan tersalah jangan tersilap
Jangan abaikanku

Knock Knock. Kuberi kau semua
Talk. Talk. Kubuktikan diriku
Jangan tersalah jangan tersilap
Jangan abaikanku

Jaga jaga hati jaga jaga nanti
Kalau kuhampa kaukan rasa
Jaga jaga hati jaga jaga nanti
Kalau kuterluka kau pun kan sama

Bukan mahu tunjuk diva
Bukan nak mengada
Cuma ku tak mahu
Kecewa selalu

Dan andai apa kuberi
Tidak cukup untukmu
Katakan padaku
Apa kau mahu

Kiranya kau benar mahu
Kiranya kau benar mahuku
One! Two! kusayang kamu
Jangan sakiti aku

Knock Knock. Mahuku perhatian
Talk Talk. Mahuku kau buktikan
Jangan tersalah jangan tersilap
Jangan abaikanku

Knock Knock. Kuberi kau semua
Talk Talk. Kubuktikan diriku
Jangan tersalah jangan tersilap
Jangan abaikanku

Jaga jaga hati jaga jaga nanti
Kalau kuhampa kaukan rasa
Jaga jaga hati jaga jaga nanti
Kalau kuterluka kau pun kan sama

Satu! Haruslah setia
Dua! Jangan cakap bohong
Buatku menangis
Jangan jangan
Tiga! Buatku tersenyum
Empat! Ulangi dari satu
Knock! Knock! Talk! Talk! Knock! Knock! Talk!
Knock! Knock! Mahuku hanya perhatian
Talk! Talk! Mahuku untuk kau buktikan
Jangan pernah kau abaikanku
Knock! Knock! Mahuku perhatian
Talk! Talk! Mahuku kau buktikan
Jangan tersalah jangan tersilap
Jangan abaikanku
Knock! Knock! Talk! Talk!

Lima Ciri Lelaki Idaman Elizabeth Tan 

                 Foto : Google Images

Friday, November 27, 2015

Kritikan dan Penyelesaian

Kritikan dan Penyelesaian
Mengkritik adalah mudah. Mengatakan seseorang itu tidak betul juga mudah. Namun, tahukah anda bahawa setiap kritikan yang dilontarkan perlu disertakan jalan penyelesaian? Ianya penting sebagai motivasi kepada mereka yang dikritik. Jika tidak disertakan jalan penyelesaian, samalah ertinya memandang cermin dan memaki diri sendiri. 

Am Nass Menulis...

Saya seorang penulis yang mendansakan penanya di atas kertas kehidupan...

"Ada dua perbedaan dalam penulisan.Pertama, menulis sekadar menulis.Kedua, menulis dan memaknakannya.Penulis tidak mampu mengubah pemikiran manusia secara total. Namun, apa yang ditulis akan kekal dalam hati dan minda seseorang. Novel, cerpen, dan puisi adalah wahana yang boleh digunakan dalam merungkai persoalan hidup manusia yang rencam. Kita menyertai sayembara penulisan bukan semata-mata mengharapkan kemenangan, namun perkongsian ilmu dalam dunia sastera itu yang paling penting. Menulis dengan rasa rendah diri, dan sejujur peribadi akan menjadikan karya itu lebih menarik untuk ditatap, dibaca, dan kemudian dihayati isi dan kandungannya.Puisi. Kita tidak membaca dan menulis puisi kerana ianya comel. Kita membaca dan menulis puisi kerana kita ialah ahli umat manusia. Dan umat manusia dipenuhi dengan kesukaan dan kegemaran. Perubatan, undang-undang, perniagaan, dan kejuruteraan. Ini adalah usaha-usaha yang mulia dan perlu untuk mengekalkan kehidupan. Tetapi puisi, kecantikan, cerita roman, cinta dan kasih sayang. Ini adalah apa yang kita perlu untuk terus hidup.”Berkaryalah, selagi mampu. Sesungguhnya karya yang kita tulis itu adalah cerminan masyarakat. Dan, mereka iaitu pembaca paling berhak untuk menilai. Saya akan membawa anda ke dalam dunia penulisan saya...

Seruling Kasih.Akan Datang...

相 见 时 难 别 亦 难 , 
东 风 无 力 百 花 残 。 
春 蚕 到 死 丝 方 尽 , 
蜡 炬 成 灰 泪 始 干 。 
晓 镜 但 愁 云 鬓 改 , 
夜 吟 应 觉 月 光 寒 。
蓬 山 此 去 无 多 路 ,
青 鸟 殷 勤 为 探 看 。

It’s difficult to meet, yet difficult to part
The east wind weakens, all flowers fade
Silkworm to death, gives out its last thread
Candle burns to ashes, its tear shall cease
In dawn mirror we’re sad, our hair all gray
At night we sing, the moonlight is so chill
From here to Immortal Peak, a few roads
Blue bird ardently flies, trying to get there

Jangan lupa cerita Seruling Kasih,
Cerita Zaman Dinasti China,
Akan menemui pembaca tidak lama lagi.
Kisah Ai Mingmei, Shen dan Li...
~Cinta sejati mekar bukan hanya di dalam hati,
Tetapi juga di dalam jiwa... wink emoticon
Gadis dalam gambar : Ai Mingmei

Simbah Cahaya Rembulan : Tragedi Tebing Curam

Simbah Cahaya Rembulan : Tragedi Tebing Curam
Malam itu suram dan bulan pula resah.Sepasang kekasih berniat untuk membunuh diri.Di atas tebing curam itu, mereka bersedia untuk terjun.Tetapi gadis itu tidak tahu bahawa lelaki itu ada perempuan lain.Saat ingin terjun, gadis itu menyangka lelaki itu terjun bersamanya.Namun, lelaki itu mengelak dan menolak gadis itu.Jeritan gadis itu kedengaran.Ngeri. Lelaki itu ketakutan.Dia memegang kepalanya.Tidak sanggup untuk menoleh ke bawah.Sumpah lafaz yang dikhianati.Ia terjadi malam itu.Lelaki itu terus memecut deras. Bulan menangis. Malam dingin. Dan dinginnya menggigit sekujur tubuh yang sudah tidak bernyawa. Malam yang satu lagi, sepasang kekasih menikmati suasana malam di atas tebing yang sama.Sedang mereka bercakap, Kedengaran sesuatu yang aneh dari bawah.Sesuatu yang deras.Bunyinya semakin hampir. Mereka berdua kehairanan.Mereka berdua melihat ke bawah.Saat itu, kelihatan seorang gadis berlumuran darah memanjat tebing curam itu.Gadis itu menangis dan meraung...

Cinta tidak selamanya indah.Sehingga kini roh gadis itu terus merayau dan tidak pernah tenang.


Kenapa buli berlaku? Ini kajian saya tentang buli.Dan saya sedang menyiapkan Why Me : Mengapa Harus Aku.Selamat membaca.

WHY : ME? Mengapa Harus Aku...
Ketika masa sunyi, aku seringkali terfikir akan gejala buli dalam masyarakat.Aku memanggilnya gejala kerana ia semakin membarah seperti sesuatu yang tidak tertahan-tahan. Aku pernah melihat sekumpulan anak-anak bermain.Ada yang aktif dan ada yang hanya memerhati,sekadar duduk melihat teman lain bermain.Anak-anak yang aktif cenderung untuk bersifat dominan manakala yang pasif bersifat menerima dan lebih suka berdiam diri. Bagaimana buli boleh berlaku di kalangan kanak-kanak? Ia adalah satu persoalan yang tentunya boleh dijawab oleh pakar psikologi.Aku bukan pakar psikologi,cuma aku sedar dan tahu kanak-kanak yang pasif cenderung untuk menjadi mangsa buli. Kenapa?Kerana dia tidak tahu bergaul atau tidak pandai membiasakan diri dengan rakan-rakan yang lain. Itulah jawapan yang paling mudah, barangkali. Adakah ia jawapan yang paling tepat?Apa yang akan berlaku kepadanya apabila dia membesar kelak?

Kanak-kanak yang pernah menjadi mangsa buli ketika kecil tetap membesar seperti kanak-kanak yang lain,cuma kepedihan masa lampau tetap akan diingatinya.Aku memanggilnya kepedihan kerana kanak-kanak mempunyai ingatan yang tajam dan apa-apa jua pengalaman yang dialaminya lebih-lebih lagi yang bersifat kesakitan akan disimpan dalam bentuk memori.Apabila kanak-kanak itu meningkat remaja, dia cenderung untuk dibuli lagi.Kenapa?Apakah dalam tempoh itu dia tidak mampu untuk mengubah dirinya menjadi keras sedikit,menambah pergaulannya,atau lebih hebat lagi menjadi ikutan dan idola remaja yang seangkatan dengannya?Ini adalah kerana dia rasa rendah diri dan hilang keyakinan.Motivasi dan moral dalam dirinya telah dihancurkan.Apa yang menyedihkan dia terusan dipukul atau disepak terajang.Emosi yang bercelaru ini memungkinkan dia tidak dapat menumpukan sepenuh perhatian terhadap pelajaran.Namun, sekiranya dia berfikiran positif dia mampu menangani situasi dan seterusnya melangkah jauh. Apabila mangsa buli menginjak dewasa, dia juga akan bekerja seperti yang lain.Alam pekerjaan amat berbeda kalau dibandingkan dengan alam persekolahan.Dari segi pergaulan, dia akan berjumpa dengan mereka yang pelbagai sifatnya.Adakah di kalangan mereka itu wujud juga pembuli?Mangsa buli akan lebih berhati-hati dalam pergaulan atau cuba-cuba menjadi seorang yang dominan (?)Ketakutan silam boleh mengubah peribadi mangsa buli.Sama ada dia kekal lemah dan terus menjadi bahan gurauan dan usikan melampau atau menjadi seorang yang positif dan mula aktif dalam pergaulan.Terkadang mereka mengambil peluang mengusik orang lain (sekadar mengusik) untuk mengelakkan diri daripada dibuli sekiranya dalam kelompok manusia itu belum ada yang tahu dirinya pernah dibuli.Adakah perubahan ini memberikan suatu nilai baru kepada dirinya yang difikirkannya baik atau suatu kekeliruan peribadi yang meresahkan? Adakah gejala buli ini akan terus berlaku?Ia akan terus berlaku selagi-lagi dalam diri manusia itu masih ada sikap memandang rendah dan keinginan untuk menakluki orang lain.Sedih,kan?

WHY ME : Mengapa Harus Aku.Fragmen 1
Sebuah kisah tentang buli.Kepada mereka yang pernah dibuli dan membuli

Keadaan di dalam bilik itu amat sejuk. Terdapat beberapa orang di dalam bilik itu. Enam lelaki dan lima perempuan. Dalam bulatan, mereka duduk di atas kerusi. Dari riak wajah mereka, tidak banyak yang boleh diperkatakan. Mereka hanya berdiam diri dan tidak pasti. Ada yang keliru.Namun, salah seorang daripada mereka tampaknya berkeyakinan. Dia memegang sebuah buku catatan dan pen. Mungkin bukan di kalangan mereka. Barangkali seorang guru atau kaunselor. Atau tenaga pengajar di situ. Gadis itu memerhati mereka yang ada di sekelilingnya. Dia melemparkan senyuman. Tetapi tidak berbalas. Tetapi gadis itu tidak mudah patah semangat. Dia mengatur susun rambutnya. Dan kemudian bersuara, “ Selamat petang semua.Nama saya Isabel. Saya kaunselor di sini. Baiklah, saya lihat tidak ramai yang datang.Tapi, tak mengapa. Terima kasih kerana sudi hadir dalam perkongsian ini. Sebelum itu, apa kata kita berkenalan terlebih dahulu? Kita mulakan dari tepi saya ini. Siapa nama saudara?” tanya Isabel. Tidak lama, lelaki memperkenalkan dirinya. “Nama saya Brian,”katanya. “Baiklah, seterusnya,”kata Isabel pula. Masing-masing memperkenalkan diri mereka. Kemudian, mereka membuat aktiviti ‘ice breaking’. Sekarang ini, mereka sudah mula menampakkan perubahan. Sudah ada riak ceria di wajah mereka. Ada yang sudah mula tersenyum. Sesudah aktiviti ‘ice breaking’ Isabel pun memberikan penerangan yang lebih lanjut. “ Baiklah, semua sudah maklum tujuan kita berkumpul petang ini, kan? Sebab kita hendak berkongsi mengenai diri kita yang pernah dibuli, sama ada sewaktu kanak-kanak, remaja, atau masa sekarang ini. Di samping itu, perkongsian ini juga sebagai pemberi motivasi kepada kita dalam menjalani hidup selepas ini.Saya tahu, bukan mudah apabila kita terpaksa mengharungi semua ini. Saya cukup berbangga kerana saudara dan saudari berani tampil untuk berkongsi masalah. Ada di antara rakan kita yang masih bingung di luar sana. Malah ada juga yang sudah kehilangan nyawa akibat buli. Baiklah, siapa yang hendak berkongsi pengalamannya terlebih dahulu?,”tanya Isabel. Isabel memerhati sekeliling. Agak lama juga, tiada yang mengangkat tangan. “Ya, ada siapa?,” tanya Isabel lagi. Akhirnya seorang lelaki mengangkat tangan. “Ya, Steve. Silakan,”kata Isabel. Lelaki itu memandang Isabel dan yang lain. “Boleh saya berkongsi pengalaman saya?,” tanya lelaki itu. “Ya, boleh Steve. Silakan” kata Isabel. Lelaki itu menarik nafasnya sekejap. Kemudian menghembuskannya. Isabel dan yang lain terdiam.Mereka menunggu lelaki itu menyambung bicaranya. Akhirnya, dia bersuara, “Begini ceritanya...”


Lari Nail Lari (Di Penghujung Waktu) Fragmen Terakhir

Lari Nail Lari (Di Penghujung Waktu) Fragmen Terakhir...

“ Malam yang sunyi tanpa suasana yang gelap adalah perasaan yang gagal.”

“ Christine, hidup aku ibarat ke neraka, dan yang mendorong aku pergi jauh dari sini adalah ingatanku bersamamu. Ingatan itu tetap kekal dan segar, Christine.Itu yang melegakan….” Nail melangkah perlahan meninggalkan Christine yang masih termangu.Ranting kayu yang dipegangnya dilepaskan ke tanah. Angin petang menyapu lembut rambut Christine, menutupi sedikit wajahnya. Christine membiarkannya saja.
Christine menganggap aku seperti magik.Seorang pelindung yang sentiasa berada di sisinya.Bagaimana mampu aku mengucapkan selamat tinggal kepadanya?Christine, terima kasih…

Nail menuju ke arah Corolla Altis 2.0V,miliknya.Pintu kereta dibuka perlahan.Christine sekadar memerhati dari jauh. Seakan kaku dan membiarkan sahaja Nail berlalu pergi.Nail, mengapa kau mesti pergi? Bukankah kau seharusnya melindungiku? Getus hatinya.Sempat, dia melihat wajah tenang Nail sebelum lelaki itu memasuki perut kereta, dan kemudian menutup pintu.Christine merasa ada genang di kolam matanya.Sedaya dia cuba untuk menyeka, namun dia tidak mampu.

“ Simpanlah air mata untuk lelaki yang disayangi.Sampai saatnya, barulah kau menitiskannya,”
Tiba-tiba, hatinya berkocak bimbang. Christine teringat akan kata-kata Nail. Nail…
Saat Nail menghidupkan enjin kereta, dia terdengar suara bercampur-baur di mindanya.Dan kemudian amat hampir, bergema di gegendang telinganya.
“Ampunilah perbuatan kami dari dahulu hingga kini.”

Ingat kata-kataku Christine.Simpanlah air mata untuk lelaki yang disayangi.Sampai saatnya, barulah kau menitiskannya. Terima kasih, Christine.Terima kasih...

Karya Asal : Ronny Montegerai

Diedit dan disesuaikan : Abraham Nyerang

Foto : Gambar Hiasan

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Last Naruto The Movie : Complete Plot

The Last Naruto The Movie : Complete Plot
The movie’s intro is a mix of 2D/3D in black and white, focusing on the history of the Naruto world, starting from Kaguya and Rikudo, the story of the Senju and Uchiha up until Naruto and Sasuke’s final battle as enemies, to the theme of green sleeves. As the story begins, we see Hinata as a child (before Naruto began) being bullied by 3 kids as Naruto shouts at them and then gets beat up. The bullies grab a hold of Naruto’s red muffler and stretch and crushes it before they leave. Hinata picks up the scarf as Naruto makes sure Hinata is ok, he leaves.

Years later in the Ninja Academy, Iruka asks the class “Who would be the last person you would spend your days with, if the world were to be destroyed?”, Naruto throws his as a paper airplane and says that he has “No family and no friends, so it doesn’t matter!”. We see child Hinata noticing Naruto and blushing. After that, Naruto looks over Konoha from the top of the building as the camera begins to circle around him, going from Kid Naruto to Shippuden Naruto and finally to present day Naruto as a grown up.

We then see Hinata and Hanabi’s father as well as some other Hyuugas being targeted by some mysterious ninjas whose main attacks are a Dragonball like Ki blast. Then we meet our main antagonist, Toneri. Then it transitions back to Naruto where he is teaching young male ninjas how to use Taijutsu, suddenly the young female students from within the school scream “Naruto-senpai!!”, “He’s so cool!!” and other phrases, it seems our beloved titular character has become quite the ladies-man, even Ino admits this to the rest of her team as they watch on.

Naruto is eating his favourite Ichiraku ramen, slightly grown up Konohamaru asks Naruto for his help going through his grandpa’s (the 3rd Hokage) stuff he found. Konohamaru has a dark chinstrap; with this chinstrap and new hair style, his look resembles a lot like Asuma.
It then switches to Hinata where she is knitting a red muffler with a huge smile on her face. Whilst this is happening, girls from not only Konoha, but from the other Hidden villages all gather to give Naruto presents, this worries Hinata and once she has completed the Muffler she is torn between giving it to him at the time or waiting until the next day. Hanabi appears to show off her new mini Ninja strap attached to her Kunai and proceeds to poke fun at Hinata that she still hasn’t announced her love to Naruto.

At the Five Kages Summit, Kakashi explains to the other Kage that the moon is slowly showing signs of deterioration and that it could bring doom to the Earth. As Naruto and friends are eating ramen at Ichiraku, Hinata appears to give Naruto the red muffler. She gets shy seeing the girls wanting to eat with Naruto, this pushes Hinata to run home and Sakura gets angry at Naruto for not noticing how Hinata feels for him.
The next scene shows Toneri’s Ninjas run into the Hyuuga mansion running through the house (using 3D) and capturing Hanabi, after they capture her, Sai is shown in a forest on the end of a cliff overlooking Konoha. Although at first unrelated, a crow like bird with one of Toneri’s Ninjas riding it appears as Sai then draws and summons some birds to try and take them down, but he’s unsuccessful.

As Hinata runs away from Naruto and Sakura she sits down on a swing in a park, Toneri then approaches her in a kind manner, then uses a small green orb to knock her unconscious as one of his bigger ninjas grabs and runs away with her.
At this point, Naruto appears and runs after her, taking down several of Toneri’s Ninjas. After taking down the Ninjas and saving Hinata, a meteor from the moon flies over Konoha and lands just past the Hokage Mountain. A team led by Shikamaru, which includes; Naruto, Hinata, Sakura and Sai meets with the current Hokage, Kakashi. Kakashi bestows a special clock only given to kages which is a clock which counts down to the moons destruction. Kakashi then tells everyone about a spring which has been heard to the last whereabouts of Toneri.


Shikamaru’s team reaches the spring in which they realize that the spring’s water may contain water but they will never become wet. After jumping into the spring and through the water, they come to an area with green glowing orbs in which everyone falls asleep. Suddenly the earlier visions of Naruto are shown, as well as the Chuunin exam battle against Kiba and finally his battle against Pain.

Naruto then visits past thoughts once again, except he views it from Hinata’s perspective. Naruto views the earliest memory, the question when Naruto was in the ninja academy “Who would be the last person you would spend your days with, if the world were to be destroyed?”. He notices that Hinata wrote “Naruto Uzumaki”, he sees when Hinata gives him the medicine in the chuunin exam as Kurenai says “She’s giving her medicine just to you!”, and another memory when Hinata overcame her shyness and tried to save Naruto against Pain and ended her speech by saying “..Because I love Naruto!”.
The final flashback he views is a recent memory where he sees Sakura and Hinata talking after Hinata leaving Ichiraku, he notices that she wanted to give him something, and this is when he realizes that Hinata has always loved him. All of these previous memories were genjutsu traps by Toneri, in which Sakura saves them all with her advanced powers of disarming genjutsu.

The team all jump into the dry spring, Naruto shows how shy he is for the first time with Hinata then proceeds to jump into the dry spring. When this happens, Toneri appears and talks to Hinata, he says that Hinata is the Byakugan Princess and that he wants to marry her, it then skips to everyone arriving on the other side of the dry spring minus Naruto. Naruto then jumps back to Hinatas aid as he tries to attack Toneri but fails due to Toneri’s transportation techniques.

On the other side of the spring a giant spider is awoken in which the other members of Shikamaru team attack it, with Sakura landing the final blow. Naruto defeats Toneri, but it turns out that Toneris body is actually not his body but a puppet. You then see both Hanabi and the real Toneri, with bandages over their eyes. Shikamaru’s team then finds a new world with a massive ocean and a floating world with an artificial sun. They split into teams as Naruto and Hinata find Hanabi’s special kunai, Naruto wants to ask about something but Hinata ignores it. Hinata works on a new red muffler for Naruto.

As they walk and travel the world in their smaller teams they come across an ancient ninja cave. After entering it, a man appears and repeats “Byakugan, there is a Byakugan user here!” After this he releases an orb in which Hinata sees a flash of 2 armies, followed by destruction. After this, the man melts and dies. Hinata is seen again knitting the red muffler for Naruto in a rock filled pond. Naruto then approaches Hinata and explains “I’m not here because I love you or because I want to help you, I’m here to save Hanabi!”, Hinata then asks several times for what exactly Naruto said and then decides to tell her exactly how he feels. After Naruto confesses to Hinata, Toneri appears on a mini bridge-like ship in which Hinata gives Naruto his muffler and proceeds to ride upon Toneris mini ship. Toneri reveals to Naruto that Hinata is going to marry him and that Naruto is in the way.

Of course Naruto is upset and proceeds to attack Toneri, in the end he uses his strongest Rasengan, in which Toneri uses his own nameless attack which turns Narutos attack against him and blows a hole in the world, burning his new red muffler and Narutos pride. Back on Earth, the Raikage brings out his special cannon weapon which has never been used before. Kakashi then reads the Kage only clock on his palm as he sees that the clock is counting down to the end of the Earth. Hinata is unconscious laying a king size bed within a massive castle in the other world, as she is sleeping Toneri begins to read Hinatas mind and sees that she thinks of Naruto, this angers Toneri. It is revealed that he has taken Hanabi’s eyes to help in his plan, he then explains about the fact that Toneri is the last of Homura Otsutsuki’s clan (the younger brother of Hagoromo Otsutsuki), the reason he needs the Byakugan is the last step in his plan in which to open a great power that can destroy the Earth and re-begin it anew.

As Toneri shows Hinata throughout her house, she learns that he is the only human on the planet and that everyone in the castle is a puppet. He then explains to her about his ultimate power known as the “Tenseigan”. Hinata remembers her view of the flash from the previous old man’s memory, which was two armies fighting against each other, one army had the same emblem as the emblem on Toneris clothes. One of the clan members had a big orb which destroyed the other clan in one fell-swoop. The above orb is held and hidden away by Toneri. It then transitions to Sai and Shika fly on his drawn birds as they look for a way into the special moon.

A scene in which a beaten and battered, Hiashi Hyuuga (Hinata and Hanabi’s father) collapses in a desert as a shadow is seen standing over him, that shadow is Sasuke Uchiha. As Hinata and Toneri settle down for dinner, many islands float around Toneri’s castle. One of the floating islands seems unique compared to the other, this is when Hinata asks Toneri and he responds with “That is the temple dedicated to Hamura Otsutsuki, my ancestor.” Hinata, alongside Toneri look into the temple as they see an item similar to the Tenseigan, one of the puppet servants explains that it is a replica and not the real Tenseigan. Toneri asks Hinata if she could create him a scarf because that would make him very happy. After spending time creating a red muffler, Toneri talks to himself revealing that he has the Byakugan and he will complete the Ultimate Tenseigan.

Naruto lost a lot of chakra from losing to Toneri and feels down from Hinatas ‘betrayal’, Sakura then heals him which took 3 days. After waking up, Sai pokes fun at him and Shikamaru tries to make him man up. Naruto then notices Sakura resting from trying to save Naruto from nearly dying from Toneris attack. She tells him that Hinata has always loved him and that she needs him. Hinata then heads to the true area in which the Tenseigan is hidden. She finds the true Tenseigan, a huge yellow ball which resembles a sun with a unique mark in the center. As she attempts to destroy it Toneri and his guards capture her and label her a traitor. His jealous and feelings towards Hinatas betrayal to him lead to him destroying the red muffler that he asked Hinata to make for him.
He freezes her, using his techniques, right on the night before he marries her. The scene then goes to Naruto. After hearing what Sakura and the rest have to say, Naruto realizes that he cannot be down and that he needs to save Hinata. As the previous happens, the countdown clock on Shikamarus palm begins to hit its end. Toneri and Hinatas wedding begins, Shikamarus team then starts their attack on the moon to get into Toneri’s castle, Shikamaru uses his shadow techniques and latches onto a bird puppet as everyone follows on Sais birds, so they can fly into the entrance to the moon.

The team splits into 2 teams, Naruto and Shikamaru, and Sakura and Sai. Naruto runs in early and destroys a lot of Toneri’s puppets and finally disrupts Toneri and Hinta’s wedding. Toneri and Hinata run down a flight of stairs to escape Naruto as he takes down Toneris puppet guards. Meanwhile Raikage’s, special cannon is charged at 50%. As larger parts of the moon begins to crash down to the Earth, Gaara protects the Hidden Sand Village with Sand, Rock Lee and his students then gather into a massive Boomerang shaped form as they fly at a meteor heading towards Konoha.
Although Rock Lee and students destroy a meteor, a greater meteor heads towards Konoha. Hiashi Hyuuga’s body is seen thrown toward Kakashi as a figure flickers in front of the falling giant meteor. Kakashi whispers “You…”. As the giant meteor is destroyed we see the image of Sasuke with both the Sharingan and Rinnengan eyes say “He isn’t here, so I guess I have to protect this town”.

As Naruto finally catches up to Toneri and Hinata, Toneri then sends Hinata out as she tries to attack Naruto, he doesn’t believe Hinata would hurt him and he uses a technique to bring out the green orbs that Toneri uses that was manipulating Hinata before to attack him. As he does this, the eye transplant Toneri had from Hinata damages him due to the level up process. Toneri then comes to his senses and uses Shinra Tensei against Naruto pushing him against the wall. Sakura and Sai take down a ton of puppets before heading down to the bedroom in which Hanabi is held. They agree that Toneri taking her eyes is a terrible thing, before saving her.

Naruto and Hinata head to the Tenseigan, Hinata then warns Naruto that if you use non Hyuuga ninjutsu against the Tenseigan, your chakra will be eaten away. Hinata then uses her techniques, but to no avail the Tenseigan is not damaged. He grabs Hinatas hand and asks for her chakara so they can do a dual attack. The dual attack damages the Tenseigan, which explodes it into many pieces. It seems the pieces of the Tenseigan were gathered eyes from the Hyuuga clan since the Hyuuga have existed.
The Raikage and Killer Bee finally fire their special cannon which destroyed all meteors in range and all the gathered meteors around the Earth’s atmosphere. After saving both Hinata, Hanabi and the Earth, Shikamaru’s team celebrates as Naruto asks for the destroyed muffler that she had made for Toneri. Sakura interrupts with “But you have always wanted to make that for Naruto, right?” She agrees as Naruto takes the remaining amount of the destroyed red muffler and finally confesses his love for her.
Suddenly the clock on Kakashi and Shikamarus palm starts as it is not all over. A ginormous golem appears from beneath them all as Toneri explains that it is not all over! Naruto goes into Kyuubi mode, as he sends Kurama to take down the giant golem. We see Toneri as he goes into his final form, Rikudou (6 Paths) mode. Kurama knocks the Golem towards the Moon and continues to battle it. Although after several attacks the Golem begins to recover over and over. Meanwhile, Raikages cannon counts up to 100% once again, Kakashi, Gaara, Mei and Onoki ask for 1 hour until they decided to destroy the moon due to Shikamaru’s team still being there.

6 Paths Toneri and Kyuubi Naruto fight on the other side of the moon as the Giant Golem and Kurama. While this happens, Toneri locks Hinata in a big bird cage to watch their final battle. Toneri uses a new technique which is a massive sword that cuts the moon directly in half and catches Naruto in the blast. As every Hidden Village on Earth wonders what’s going on with the moon, we see Toneri laughing at the fact he has defeated Naruto, the man who has ruined everything he aimed to do.
The truth is that Naruto had survived and he begins to attack Toneri with his Kage Bunshin and Rasen Shuriken. Naruto aims to hit Toneri with the destroyed muffler and as Toneri charges up, he uses another sword technique and blast Naruto. This stops his Kyuubi mode as he runs at Toneri with the muffler in his hands and says “I will stop you with the muffler you destroyed that has given me love!!”, he then breaks through Toneris technique and punches Toneri against a hill on the moon. The Golem also freezes after Toneris defeat.
Hinata walks towards Hanabi and plucks out his eyes as Toneri screams in pain. Afterwards Toneri lets out a laugh regardless of having no eyes, this allows the Byakugan eyes that burst from the Tenseigan to float and gather on Toneris body. The Golem restarts his attacks against Kurama, although Kurama has enough time to shoot a blast against the Golem to push him away. The Byakugan eyes begin to fuse into Toneri, as he screams out in pain regretting his choice. As this happens Naruto starts to feel down and jumps towards Toneri attempting to save the giant Byakugan covered Toneri, in which the screen flashes to black.

Meanwhile Raikage is ready to shoot the cannon. Once the hour was up, a ninja symbol appears on the moon reading ‘Mission Complete’ is seen by Kakashi’s underling. The symbol was written by Kurama in which he complains to the team that ‘his writing is terrible’. Naruto saved Toneri in the end, although Hinata asks him to reside on Earth, Toneri says that he wants to live on the Moon alone.
The Earth is at peace, Naruto grabs Hinata’s hand as they jump through the Dry Spring from earlier. They smile at each other and holding hands as we see memories of both of them in the back ground. We then see Hinata and Naruto in the same hand held poses as they begin to get younger through past memories, we see current Naruto and Hinata then Shippuden Naruto and Hinata, Young Naruto and Hinata and finally very young Naruto and Hinata running hand in hand. Then Naruto asks Hinata to grab a hold of him as he says he wants to fly above and be with him as he uses a Rasengan to break him out of the dry spring cave.

After breaking up they appear in front of the actual moon in which Naruto and Hinata finally kiss. The last words before the credits are of Naruto saying “Hinata…. Thank you.” As the credits roll we see pictures of Naruto and Hinatas wedding happen. Naruto has his rose put on by Iruka, all of the males of the Konoha village are wearing suits and the females are all wearing Kimonos. During the black screen with credits we get one still picture of Sasuke continuing his journey as it goes back to the black screen with credits.

As the credits end we see a future Hinata knitting something as Naruto is outside on a balcony. Suddenly a door closing is heard as Bolt and Himawari come running towards Naruto saying “Daddy, come on let’s fight” as it starts to focus on a picture frame with Naruto and Hinata’s wedding picture along with the baby pictures of Bolt and Himawari.
We then hear Hinata say, “Don’t leave me out, I want to fight with you all”. After this scene we see concept art of Bolt and the color image of him from the final chapter of the Naruto manga where he is scolded by Naruto followed by “New Project Coming August 2015″.

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