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Beyond The Veil

Beyond The Veil
Given just hours to live, Anita Moorjani ‘crossed over’ – and then came back. She shares what she learned about life after death.
Four years after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Anita Moorjani’s family gathered around her bedside to say goodbye, but she did not die. Rather, she experienced a near-death experience (NDE, or what she calls “a death-changing moment” where she entered another dimension and was given a choice of whether to return to life or not. Today, Anita is a picture of total health, she has written a New York Times bestselling book, Dying To Be Me, she hangs out with spiritual teachers such as Wayne Dyer and Cheryl Richardson, and travels the world sharing her inspirational story.
How has your NDE changed you? The amount of love I felt was overwhelming. I knew how powerful I was, and saw the amazing possibilities we humans can achieve during a physical life. It taught me to love and value myself. I’m much kinder to myself and I’m not afraid to put myself first. I know if I don’t take care of myself then I don’t have anything to give other people. I also no longer pursue things for the sake of appearances or competition. It’s much more important for me to connect with people and do things which I enjoy and enrich my life.
Did you know what to expect when you chose to come back? Yes and no. I didn’t know it would look like this. I knew I had a purpose but I didn’t have to pursue it. It would unfold before me. All I had to do was be myself and allow it.
How do you stay grounded? For me, being grounded means being out in nature. I enjoy sitting on the sand and looking at the sea. And I’ve just scheduled a little escape to visit my mum in India - it’s harder to get hold of me over there!
You say that a person doesn’t need to have a NDE to heal. Can you expand on that? If I knew from the time I was little that we don’t have to work at being more spiritual or deserving and that we already are deserving of love no matter who we are, then I don’t think I would have ever had cancer. It’s important to love yourself and value yourself and find joy in life and happiness.
How can we learn to love ourselves more? The first thing I would do is ask questions about why you are doing something. Are you doing it because it makes you feel good or are you doing it to look good and please others? If we are doing something to get others to like us, it means we don’t like ourselves. The more our decisions come from wanting to enhance our lives, the more passionate we feel about life. We wake up in the morning feeling joyful rather than dreading the day.
If we are making decisions based on fear, what can we do? Start small. Look for things you enjoy doing or which make you feel good and start introducing them into your life. It might be meeting an old friend who makes you laugh a lot, watching a movie that’s really funny, having a massage or buying something really outrageous for yourself. Once you start doing these things, you’ll start to unlock parts of yourself which have been buried for a long, long time. You’ll connect with who you really are.
You say that fear was the reason you got cancer. Are you still fearful? I don’t have any of the big fears I used to have such as not measuring up or not fitting in. Those fears are completely gone. Now I have little fears, like being on stage in front of thousands of people and thinking, “Oh my God, what am I doing up here?” I cope because I’ve developed a sense of humour about everything. I just laugh at myself. I’m not able to take life very seriously anymore.
Has the heightened state of awareness from your NDE stayed with you? It’s not quite the same as the out-of-body experience I had in the coma state, but I do feel a lot more connected to a Higher Self or an inner guidance system and I’ve only become aware of it since my NDE. I believe it’s something we all have, we’re just not aware of it.
How do you consult your Higher Self? For me it means making my request and letting it go. The more I ask or pray or beg for something, the more I’m sending out the message that I don’t believe I’m going to get it. So I don’t pursue anything. What I do is articulate what I want or need to know in my mind and then let it go. I forget about it and just consider it done. The answer always comes. It hasn’t failed me yet!
How has your NDE changed your view of death? It’s made me value my life so much more! Previously I used to be afraid of dying. I also thought that the purpose of life was about creating the perfect afterlife and avoiding karmic retribution. My NDE made me realise that this is not the case. Being here is a valuable experience in itself and I treasure it. Heaven is not a place – it is a state of mind. We’re here to live life to the fullest and make the best of it. It’s just about having the best experience you can while you’re here. Don’t take yourself or life seriously. Make sure you laugh every day. Do things you enjoy. Love yourself unconditionally. And eat chocolate!

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