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What Is Alcohol Anxiety?

Alcohol Anxiety

What Is Alcohol Anxiety?
Alcohol anxiety occurs when a person consumes alcohol and can encourage anxiety symptoms to appear within the body. The anxiety is often worsened by the effects of the alcohol. There are many symptoms that come with alcohol anxiety. These include : shortness of breath, feelings that come with overwhelming urges to harm oneself, feelings the individual is unable to handle the situation that is occurring as well as dizziness, nausea, and general feelings of ill health. 

The symptoms may occur every time that alcohol is ingested, or may only occur a handful of times that alcohol is absorbed into the bodily system. The good news is that alcohol anxiety can be prevented by reducing the amount of alcohol which is ingested into the body. This way, the anxiety which is present can be relieved because it is occurring as a direct effect from the stimulation the alcohol incurs within the bodily system. Anxiety are symptoms that manifest in the brain and can indeed cause the person suffering from the disorder to have real, physical symptoms which can be measured such as an increased heart rate and shortness of breath.

Alcohol can have many effect on the body ranging from depression to anxiety – although alcohol anxiety is most common. There are many ways that the individual can seek help to reduce the amount of alcohol that is being consumed to reduce the symptoms which are being experienced through the time after the alcohol is consumed.

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