Saturday, May 28, 2011

Are Teen Girls Texting Too Much?~

Are Teen Girls Texting Too Much?
Researchers are reporting that teens who send more than 120 text messages per day – “hyper texters” – may be at greater risk for drug and alcohol use, compared with their peers who send fewer text messages. In a study of 4,257 high school students, the CWRU (Case Western Reserve University) researchers found that the “hyper texters” are more likely to drink, smoke cigarettes, and have multiple sexual partners. And, not surprisingly, the hyper texters are also getting less sleep. They’re staying up past their bedtime exchanging the latest gossip with friends – via text.  

A Nielsen Corporation study of more than 60,000 cell phone accounts in the United States found that the average teenage girl in the US now sends 4,050 text messages every month : that works out to 135 every day. So the average American teenage girl is now a hyper texters,” by the standards of the CWRU study. Does that mean that the average girl is now at increased risk of drinking, smoking, and unsafe sex? Maybe not. The two studies are not directly comparable. The Nielsen study was a snapshot of the entire nation, whereas the CWRU study was conducted earlier and was confined to Cuyahoga County, Ohio. So while the average girl is now sending 135 text messages a day, the average boy is sending a paltry 88 texts/day.

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