Saturday, July 24, 2010

Breast Enhancement : The Desire for Perfection

Considering Breast Enhancement? What You Need To Know
Breast augmentation surgery is a procedure that plastic surgeons use for breast enhancement or to obtain more symmetry. Every day, women all over the world decide to undergo breast augmentation surgery for a variety of reasons. It is important to research and understand the surgery and examine your reasons for considering it when deciding whether breast augmentation is the right procedure for you.
Is Breast Augmentation Surgery Right For You?
Women are impacted by the pressure from society to look perfect from a young age. Compound that with a spouse or partner who prefers larger breasts and it is good enough for many women to decide to undergo breast augmentation surgery. There are many women who decide to proceed with breast enhancement for the right reasons, based solely on their own wants and needs. To ensure a successful outcome, it is important to take a close look at what is behind your desire for enhancement breasts.
·        Have realistic expectations. Women must go into breast enhancement with realistic expactations  of what the operation will do for them. It is important to keep in mind that even though breast augmentation surgery can do wonders for self – esteem, it is meant to enhance your appearance, not make your life perfect.
·        Who are you doing for? Yourself or someone else’s happiness? It is essential that you decide to explore breast enhancement for yourself and not for anyone else. Many women make the mistake of going for breast augmentation surgery to please their spouse or to comply with social pressures, instead of listening to their own needs. This is a mistake that will not fix problems, but has the potential to multiply them.
·        Be physically healthy. The best age for breast enhancement is anywhere between 18 and 50. After 50, you can still get implans, but there is a higher risk of medical complications, and the operation has a lower success rate. If you are pregnant or nursing, now is not the time for breast augmentation surgery. Make sure that you don’t have any serious chronic diseases or ongoing treatments that may pose a risk. The best way to be sure that you are a good candidate for breast enhancement is to talk to your doctor.
·        Does your surgeon have the necessary experience to deliver the breast enhancement result  you are looking for? Find out their background, including education, professional experience, board certification and the number of years they have perfomed breast augmentation surgery.
·        Be mentally prepared for altering the appearance of the body. Often, there is a period of adjustment after surgery. Take the time to ensure that breast enhancement is right for you from both a physical and mental perspective.
·        Know what results you want to see. Be upfront and open with your doctor about how you want your breasts to look like after the breast augmentation surgery. Clear up any questions or lingering concerns about expectations before moving forward with breast enhancement.
·        Know what type of breast implants you want. The two options for breast implants are silicone or saline. Both are safe for breast enhancement, but each has pros and cons that need to be considered.
·        Understand the maintenace that may be required over the long term. You can undergo breast enhancement, but you cannot stop the process of ageing and your shape may change with time and a breast lift may be required later. Many women have to go in follow – up treatment, either to remove or replace the implants, or have them adjusted due to the effects of age.
Source : Considering Breast Enhancement? What You Need To Know, Nature and Health, Borneo Post, Saturday, 24 July 2010. Google Images.


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